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Fan Feed In 1954 the Explorer Scouts entered field competitions and, in their first “national” competition, finished second at the VFW Nat [...]

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In 1954 the Explorer Scouts entered field competitions and, in their first “national” competition, finished second at the VFW Nationals in Philadelphia. During the New Guinea Campaign, Alamo Scout missions normally lasted from one to three days and were mostly reconnaissance and intelligence gathering in nature, but as the Allies advanced into the Philippines the unit’s mission expanded dramatically, with some missions lasting two months or longer. Lea: At that time it was a lot of Birthing Hips too, who I haven’t stopped loving and everything all of them have done musically since then is still so good. Are you ready to get outside. “I would like to see that families come in with a sort of mindset that ‘My kid doesn’t have to go through the ranks and become Eagle immediately, the mindset of making memories for my kid, having these friendships is more important than advancing through the ranks,” said Miller. RELATED: Most Iconic Sailor Uniforms In Anime. In thirty minutes, the prisoners, escorted by the Rangers, principles of scouting were on their way back to friendly lines, while the Alamo Scouts provided security to cover the withdrawal. William Nellist’s team was sent southeast to the Legaspi Sorsogon Peninsula on 9 February to establish contact with guerrilla groups in the vicinity and reconnoiter the landing areas for the insertion of the 158th Regimental Combat Team 158th RCT. They also noted that a plaintiffs’ attorney had acknowledged that some 58,000 claims probably could not be pursued in civil lawsuits because of the passage of time. In 2018, the Scouts featured a female performer for the fourth time in the corps’ history, the first ever to be designated a full member. Whether you can give a day or the whole year, it all starts with you. The two arrows on Subway’s logo haven’t always been there do you know why they were added. Here are a few pro tips to make your troop’s relay races unique and even more exciting. These knot tying games are great to teach kiddos how to tie knots. You get more ways to participate, more ways to sell, more ways to buy, and more ways to learn—nice. It was therefore decided that the Police would assist the Army effort and the professional input from these attached Special Branch officers enabled the pseudo teams to operate with constantly updated intelligence. When the NHL expanded in 1974 by creating the Washington Capitals franchise, they evened things out by putting a team in Kansas City. 30 Day Challenge for Lions30 Day Challenge for Tigers30 Day Challenge for Wolves30 Day Challenge for Bears30 Day Challenge for Webelos. We’ve compiled a list of all the cookies that will be offered this year to help you choose. 5 billion isn’t nothing compared to 90,000 men. They were then finalists at VFW Nationals from 1957 through 1962, and also made American Legion Finals in 1958 and 1959. Photos by Alex Dominguez.

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By the time that Ben and Carter getback to town, most of the populace have beenevacuated with only the legions of the walking dead and the partygoers leftbehind. “Ask for Joann she’s the best but its better to walk in than make an appointment. So, depending on your location, it may be harder for you to locate Peanut Butter Patties, unfortunately. The trustee of the settlement trust has the authority to sue the insurance companies that have not agreed to the settlement to try to get more money to pay claims. READ MORE: Insurer agrees to $800 million settlement in Boy Scouts bankruptcy. Ready to pick up a box from your local troop. When the 1974 75 season began, there was a rodeo show at Kemper Arena—and like the New Jersey Devils at the start of this season, the Scouts had to play their first nine games on the road. We use cookies to make our website as pleasant as possible for our visitors. Get That Haircut You’ve Always Wanted at Scout’s Barbershop Gulch:Scout’s Barbershop Gulch is the perfect place to get a new look. On the High Ridge Trail, a two mile portion stretching across a bare scarp face had become four to six inches wide and dangerously outsloped. The names of each abuser were included in a list called the “red flag list. Adventurefuls details. She said, “By taking small steps to get more children and diverse sets of individuals involved in the STEM field, we are creating a future that represents people from all walks of life who will work to serve all of society. Protein is just a gram. Though they appear to be ordinary swords, they radiate a fierce heat that carves through armour and causes those that feel their scorching bite to burst in flames. Interest form intake for our 2020 cohort will close on July 3rd. To request permission for commercial use, please contact us. The 2024 Popcorn goals will be published in August. From behind a door, the Alamo leader could hear someone on a radio. Ralphs 5951 Del Amo Blvd. Consider supporting the Gift of Caring program. One of the biggest obstacles when you’re a young person can be coming out to your parents and it’s nice to know that there’s something out there in the world that I made that shows people that they’re not alone in thinking that and feeling that. Completing Challenge Awards lets you do more, learn more and be more. I didn’t know much about Girl Scout cookies before. ASHF’s Lance Zedric will be WW2TV’s guest historian.

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Wolf cubs are born blind correspondingly new Cubs wouldn’t have the stars on their cap, by the time a Cub was ready to go to Scouts his eyes would be fully and he would have two stars showing his development. You can also drop mail off at check in so your camper receives a letter in the first few days. Is this your business. The frazzled franchise needed a savior and Gilbert found him and a buyer in Dr. However, the troops will remain single sex. These two scouts then set up a covert observation post inside a shack in the rice fields that surrounded the POW camp. The two and a half minute promo for the upcoming documentary shows little subtlety in exploring what is one of the biggest cases of mass abuse. And that things in Africa have never been the same as in any other continent. Scouts will be able to do more. For a century, boys have had the benefit of claiming this title that helps them join a nationwide network of Eagle Scouts, get jobs, and have higher chances of getting into college. The Scouts averaged just 8,218 per game during their two years in the 17,000 seat Kemper Arena at a time when the league average was approximately 13,000. The Tracker Combat Unit was made up of white reservists; while these men were not suitable for Selous Scouts operations, they were retained to help provide cover. Are you looking at the nutrition labels and having buyer’s remorse. Arthur Eldred became the first scout to earn the Eagle Scout distinction in 1912. From t shirts to lunch boxes, water bottles and scratch poster to keep track of your little one’s achievements, we have it all. 2 A member, section, group, District or County must not. Registering on the Digital Cookie Platform from GirlScoutsUSA on Vimeo. If Sailor Moon had an elite squad, Uranus and Neptune would be it. This is fuelled by the radically lowered costs of starting and operating a company. A Scout squad will be equipped according to its designated tactical role, although ordinarily the entire squad will carry bolt pistols and frag and krak grenades, and at least one member will carry an auspex for information gathering. The datasheets using AGENT OF THE IMPERIUM keyword can be found in the following Factions. The Sanoma Startup Challenge. By now you’ve probably seen the new Black Templar Army Box and if you haven’t, we’ve covered what exactly you’ll find in the box. Scouts who participate in all three activities are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin to wear on their uniform. Unleash your inner leader. It happened about 10 or 12 times,’ he recalled. Some of our clients’ lawsuits are what caused the Boy Scouts to file for bankruptcy. Some units use age levels instead of grades.

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What should my camper pack. Many conversations cover the similarities and differences in Sea Scouting in the countries of participants involved in the conversation. Sep 22, 2015 Scouter Joe. Combi melta used in the following datasheets. With a wide range of comfort levels and abilities, our horse partner is prepared for everyone. MN Spokesman Recorder: New CEO for Local Girl Scouts assumes leadership role. Sep 15, 2015 melissa pratt. The Sailor Scouts were a group of teenagegirls who discovered they were reincarnations of some of Earth’s super poweredprotectors. Artemis is a white cat with distinctive red eyes and serves as a mentor and guide to Sailor Venus. There is also some criticism aimed at Boy Scouts. Local councils will contribute about $515 million in cash, property and money obtained from their insurers. The Girl Scout Cookie season officially runs from January through April but varies by local councils across the country. Why is Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse rated R. Please let me know in the comments below. Presidents have been involved in Scouting, but of them, only Gerald Ford rose to its highest rank. Stay up to date with the Aloha Alaka’i. That’s probably the reason the men called the camp the ‘Hotel Alamo’.


He led the Rockies to a 15 32 9 record in 56 games, what turned out to be the final 56 games in Rockies history. 160 games played, but a mere 27 wins. My lawyer should have done the research, because BSA is no help sharing Red Files, IV files, perversion files, or any information. Attorneys for the Boy Scouts and plan supporters say the BSA’s obligations under the insurance policies are in fact being transferred to the trustee — subject to both the bankruptcy plan and “applicable law. The coalition played a dominant role in the bankruptcy, despite the existence of the official committee. On the heels of the Boy Scouts of America’s bankruptcy in 2020, more than 82,000 sexual abuse claimants came forward against the organization before a court mandated deadline for participation in a $2. Sources: The Californian, 29 Jan 2015. Mistress 9’s sinister and intense powers make her a formidable opponent, and her role in the series adds a sense of urgency and danger to the story. ” Historial Miniatures Gaming Society. Having said that, we do need to recognize that the Neophytes in the Black Templars can’t actually be taken as a unit themselves. PO Box 15303Clearwater, FL 33766 5303. The first trailer for Leave No Trace offers a revealing look inside the alleged century long cover up by the Boy Scouts of America that resulted in over 82,000 men coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse. Andre Rabie, Stretch Franklin and Pete Clemence. Receiving financial aid is confidential. End: Tue May 30 2023, 9:00 PM. The Boys Scouts of America said on Wednesday it had emerged from bankruptcy after battling back appeals over its $2.

The Boy Scouts of America has been found responsible in the largest sexual assault case in US history; in August 2022 a US Bankruptcy Court judge approved a $2 5 billion settlement for over 82,000 victims who were sexually abused by Boy Scout leaders

4 out of 8 Girl Scouts of the USA lobbyists in 2022 have previously held government jobs. Went through the job description and what the position entailed. Use Council Key: 583AAC. As Sailor Moon, she’s been through everything from barely being able to function as a hero to saving the entire universe. If you did not file a claim in the bankruptcy, please contact us to learn your legal options as you may still be able to pursue compensation. At GCNWI summer resident camp, girls can choose to stay at camp for a three day sampler, a week, or even longer. Her tomboyish nature and past struggles with loneliness and rejection make her a relatable character for many fans. To make new friends and learn more about themselves than they ever thought possible. I subconsciously thought that if I ever had to tell this story, it would kill me,’ he told WFAA TV. The Boy Scouts also have a 24/7 hotline 1 844 SCOUTS1 and email address for reporting suspected abuse or inappropriate behavior. State won’t help, getting arrest records. Kemper Arena was constructed to host the team’s home games. Registration opens on various dates. And before that we even had the Infiltrators. Troop 367 Norfolk, Virginia. Registration is open now, so don’t wait to sign up for your BEST summer ever. The United Way logo should be used with the Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council servicemark on all public facing materials. See our ethics policy. Then you realize that what happened was the most devastating life changing thing that doesn’t go away it haunts every day of your life. That song has changed people’s lives, which is crazy. Under the plan, which the BSA describes as a “carefully calibrated compromise,” the BSA itself would contribute less than 10% of the proposed settlement fund. If you did not file a claim in the bankruptcy, please contact us to learn your legal options as you may still be able to pursue compensation. It is not necessary to use the official logo, but do include the words Girl Scouts San Diego or GSSD. When news of the Rockies availability reached him, McMullen was convinced that New Jersey could support an NHL team, especially in the brand new Meadowlands arena. Youth male and female who are 14 years of age or 13 years and have completed the eighth grade and under 21 years of age can join a ship. There are many issues facing our city, but constituent service is the every day bread and butter of a Council Member’s job. By now you’ve probably seen the new Black Templar Army Box and if you haven’t, we’ve covered what exactly you’ll find in the box. This process was completed by December 1974, and included 50 former insurgents being added to the unit. All parties that contribute to it will be relieved of their liability.

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The following failed to load. Sourcing of startups for Mercedes Benz in connection to Startupbootcamp 2go in Berlin. The Alamo Scouts were an ad hoc unit and had no table of organization and equipment TOandE. The following Girl Scout Cookies you’ve come to know and love over the years will be returning to the lineup this year alongside Raspberry Rally. Shipping is calculated as follows. Logos were compiled by the amazing SportsLogos. Kellogg School of Management. Fishing are limited, but some hiking is adjacent to the campground, Tent sites are well marked and level, and the. The Boy Scouts operate through the national organization known as the BSA, which includes hundreds of separate but affiliated organizations known as local councils, and faith based or civic groups called chartered organizations. This fun craft project is useful and can bring back fond memories when they hike with it for years to come. Anu’s project focused on making introductory coding classes more accessible to students of color something she is passionate about as a female and person of color with her own interest in coding.


It will operate independently of the BSA. I didn’t know much about Girl Scout cookies before. Scout’s Barbershop Franklin has experienced barbers who will take care of you, and you’ll leave feeling refreshed and invigorated. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse 2015 is an American horror comedy film directed by Christopher B. The teams selected out of the first five classes conducted operations supporting Sixth Army as it moved up the northern coast of New Guinea. Some of the cookies also contain nuts, which offer protein and healthy fat. Or if you’d like to have a go at making your own, then have a look at our roundup of the best free logo makers. Prompt Engines and Flow. As of May 1, 2021, these were the preview adventures under consideration and which levels may earn them. Teams move all the time, but rarely does an expansion throw in the towel after just two years – the NHL had a few of those teams, one of which was the Kansas City Scouts, perhaps the most irrelevant team in the history of sports. Introduce girls to new experiences that show them they’re capable of more than they ever imagined. That type of approach is how the fuel loads of dense, overgrown and unchecked dry brush built up and entire forest areas grew back at the same time—the same age and too close together—after clear cutting. If printing in black and white, it can be black. Hope y’all get a chance to play this game because it makes for an awesome troop activity. “A”AmericanBusinessAmerican CultureAmerican HeritageAmerican LaborAnimal ScienceArchaeologyArcheryArchitectureArtAstronomyAthleticsAtomic EnergyAuto MechanicsAviation”B”BackpackingBasketryBird StudyBugling”C”CampingCanoeingChemistryCinematographyCitizenshipCommunityCitizenship NationCitizenship WorldClimbingCoin CollectingCollectionsCommunicationsComputersCookingCrime PreventionCycling. There is also some criticism aimed at Boy Scouts. You can find out when cookies go on sale in your area and check out what flavors are available this year using the online Cookie Finder. You’ll need a Digital Cookie platform login to set up and use the Digital Cookie mobile app. The rapid expansion of the Selous Scouts led to a drop in the quality of its personnel, which reduced the effectiveness of pseudo operations. Yoxall’s parents explained that their son initially joined the Boy Scouts in hopes of becoming a police officer in the future. Right click on the image and choose “Save Picture As” to save it to your computer. “We see it as more competition in the marketplace,” said Marcy Germanotta, communications and marketing director for the Girls Scouts of the Colonial Coast. Please be sure you are choosing the correct packet. ” But beneath its Norman Rockwell exterior lies a scandal—and a coverup—of shocking proportions. Krivdo, Text of Class on “History of Army Special Forces,” Document, Class outline for Special Forces Qualification Course, 30 November 2016, copy in the USASOC History Office History Support Center, Fort Bragg, NC. The changes were also done to provide more FUN in the program. This is the story of the Selous Scouts Regiment of Rhodesia which was formed in 1973, and abolished without formal benefit of disbandment, when Robert Mugabe’s ZANU party took power after the British supervised elections in 1980. More than two years later, the BSA reached an agreement with many of its insurers, all of the local councils, some of the chartered organizations and roughly 85% of all sex abuse claimants on a plan to pay claims. “At the end of the class, they would break us out into teams and send us on a mission, usually into some of the areas that were recently taken over by us.


When they tried to kill Nkomo at his Lusaka home in April. We’re talking about the brand new Primaris Neophytes from the Black Templars. You’ll find there’s always something to get involved with whether it’s an international expedition, adventure camp or community project. General Walter Krueger held the Alamo Scouts in high esteem, and from the inception of the unit, employed a team as his security detachment. In both the 1971 production of “The Wizard of Oz” and the 2005 production of “The Carmen Project”, the Scouts used one female performer in each show. In 1980, after sixteen previous appearances and ten prior Finals, the Madison Scouts tied for 1st place with The Cavaliers at VFW Nationals in Chicago. Halal Product Certificate for Do si dos, Samoas, Tagalongs, Thin Mints, Toffee Tastics Gluten Free, and Trefoils. In July, 2020 former Girl Scout troop leader Marty Walton was charged with harming several girl scouts, and his wife was charged with child endangerment. This led to the networks of informers who had provided information to the Rhodesian Government ceasing to do so, which made it difficult for the security forces to locate and counter the insurgents. Some of the more notable Eagle Scouts are President Gerald Ford, Wal Mart founder Sam Walton, explorer Steve Fossett, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co chair Bill Gates Sr. The unit was so named because of Krueger’s association with San Antonio, Texas and because of his admiration for the defenders of the Alamo. Create an account with my. Continue reading your article witha WSJ subscription. This box set contains. That amount of land with unique habitat needs requires more time and expertise than the camp staff have the capacity to care for. They’ll have assignments on the ground while waiting for their opportunities to soar. The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020 2025 recommend no more than 10% of calories from saturated fat. Its purpose on formation was the clandestine elimination of ZANLA and ZIPRA terrorists, both within and outside Rhodesia.


All cookie proceeds remain in San Diego and Imperial Counties to benefit local Girl Scouts. Unleash your inner leader. Filed under: featured trails. The Castrol 2020 Challenge. He had spotted an abandoned shack that just might be able to provide the vantage. Virgin Islands, or APO/FPO/DPO. ” She brings together a small group of young women, effectively founding one of the largest, most vital organizations for girls. The project restored lost access to the High Ridge Trail by rebuilding two miles of trail. We offer fun, hands on outdoor experiences throughout the year that enrich campers’ lives. Volunteer led day camps are community based summer day camps organized by talented and enthusiastic volunteers who have put together an outdoor experience for their Girl Scout participants. Landon, starring Tye Sheridan as Ben, Logan Miller as Carter, Joey Morgan as Augie and Sarah Dumont as Denise. Er zijn nog geen beoordelingen. @girlscouts during the pandemic learned new insights into the distribution process of food delivery services and hands on order fulfillment. Usagi’s relationships with her fellow Senshi, her love interest Mamoru Chiba, and her family and friends add depth and nuance to her character, making her a beloved and enduring figure in anime history. Membership pin placement is near the top, above any patch or badge. What forms of payment are accepted. Our people LOVE their jobs, and we want to keep it that way. Grandfathers, and they’re saying, ‘Oh, I can get my granddaughter in,'” she said. There are separate requirements for Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts. Being raised by the system taught everything was my fault including the beating and sexual abuse for so long you become a participant just so no one finds out. The intermediate level requires a Sea Scout to hit 11 out of 25 flying clay targets in two sessions, or 22 clay targets out of 50. Our clients love the Scout’s atmosphere from motorcycle mags to taxidermy, each of our shops does it’s own thing but you’re sure to find lots of vintage pieces and unique style. Remember to focus on monents that matter, we want the world to see and feel for themselves all of the amazing things our girls are doing and showcase the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Family Adventure Camp. RELATED: Sailor Moon: Why Do Both Mercury AND Neptune Have Water Powers.

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Your email address will not be published. Supported by more than 2,000 trained and Youth Protection Certified volunteers, Scouting is the premier youth development and leadership program in the Hawaii Pacific region. Our warehouse arrangement occasionally requires us to be flexible in our locations, but we want to make it easy for units to pick up more popcorn. Use this version if you are using adobe reader and would like to complete the form online. She’s donated a Hot Yoga East gift certificate to one of our Swag Bags, and many Scout’s Barbershop Sunglasses for all of our swag bags. All parties that contribute to it will be relieved of their liability. Naturally flavored with other natural flavors. Sorry, no records were found. Download the Girl Scout PowerPoint template. By subscribing, I agree to the Terms of Use and have read the Privacy Statement. Start: Sat Jun 10 2023, 1:00 PM EDT. Our day camps are located a short bus ride from home: Camp Cedar Hill in Waltham, Camp Maude Eaton in Andover, Camp Rice Moody in Reading, and Camp Wind in the Pines in Plymouth. Join the Scouts NewEngland NetworkWhich is our International Scouting E mail List Group. The IMPERIAL FISTS and CORE keywords are used in the following Space Marines datasheets. As a general rule, it is best to enjoy Girl Scout cookies as an occasional treat, rather than as a regular snack. Her most impressive power, the ability to stop time, is only used once and she explains the price to execute the move is a high one. These changes will become dffective June 2015 or the beginning of the program year in September 2015. Unleash your inner leader. End: Wed May 31 2023, 8:00 PM EDT. With its raison d’entre firmly established and its success proven the Selous Scouts became more involved in cross border operations during 1975 76 and these deployments became a predominant feature of Selous Scouts activities over the next five years. The Devils were born. This website is brought to you by the NH Annual Friends of Scouting Campaign. Those forged upon Macragge are breathtaking examples of the weaponsmith’s craft, be they potent firearms or gilt chased blades. Sea Scouts also learn the meaning of buoys and lights, how to take advantage of wind and tide, and how to drop anchor or approach a dock.

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In the film, three scouts and lifelong friends join forces with one bad ass cocktail waitress to become the world’s most unlikely team of heroes. 4 billion bankruptcy reorganization plan aimed at resolving tens of thousands of child sexual abuse claim against the Boy Scouts of America. It is the badge of the scout in the Army because he shows the way: so to a peace Scout shows the way in doing his duty and helping others. Eagle ScoutsForty one of those selected as NASA’s career astronauts are Eagle Scouts. Meanwhile, US Bankruptcy Judge Laurie Selber Silverstein held a hearing Wednesday to consider requests that the Boy Scouts be allowed to pay more than $20 million in legal fees and expenses of attorneys for a coalition of law firms representing those who claim to have been abused. I’m proud to say that I was there 40 years ago, reporting the story when Dr. 100 Inspirational Quotes for Women. Two local guides were sent into the tiny village to obtain the latest information on the enemy disposition and ascertain the status of the personnel held hostage there. The word “rules” is omitted as included in “regulations”. Katie Blackley/WESA hide caption. I am coming wtih a group of girl scouts and noticed one of the parents filled out a one page liability form and others filled out the 3 page form above. “Eat Bubbles is a premium boba tea company with a focus on specialty drinks and artisanal milk teas. One of the unit’s best known actions was the raid of the Cabanatuan Prison Camp.

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When visiting the Gulch location you’ll see the original hand laid blocks of native Middle Tennessee limestone. It’s not too late to join in on the fun. Doug Kennedy, co chair of the bankruptcy’s official committee of abuse claimants, said survivors can now “take an important step toward a degree of resolution for their abuse. Council Number: Council Address: Phone Number. Three scouts and lifelong friends join forces with one badass cocktail waitress to become the world’s most unlikely team of heroes. Who recieves all that interest on the fund. We encourage girls to take healthy risks and experience new things as they build essential life skills, such as. 2 Bedroom 1 Month Free. Overall: A light hearted zombie gore splat film with a bit of a tale of friendship in there. Photo provided by Scout’s Barbershop. Usagi’s signature blonde pigtails, sailor uniform, and heart shaped tiara have become iconic symbols of the Sailor Moon franchise, and her catchphrase, “In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you. Last week, CISA announced an MOU with WiCyS and is already working to participate in their mentoring program which matches women working in cyber with newer women in the field. To return to the health forms for completion, visit the Summer Camp Online Community. Whether it’s you, your boss or manager, your significant other, your parent, or your HR department that needs some objective reasons to the value of a subscription we have put together a 2 page PDF to help. A witness who testified at the post Apartheid South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission stated that the Selous Scouts were covertly funded by the South African Police and South African police officers also served in the unit. These much admired brand elements ensure that any of our branded items can be readily recognized as belonging to Girl Scouts. To regain access, please make sure both cookies and JavaScript are enabled in your web browser, then reload the page. There is a one time, $25 new member fee when you join Scouting for the first time. The list includes the names of nearly 8,000 leaders and dates back to 1944. Elections and public policy. The full disclosure comes only in the press notes: Jaquiss is Taylor’s classmate from Columbia University and serves as the lead investigative producer at her company, Vermilion, which is behind this film. At DCI Midwest in Whitewater, they were behind the Santa Clara Vanguard and Blue Devils. Show them all that they’re capable of, and unleash your inner leader in the process. Our resident camps are Camp Favorite in Brewster, Camp Runels in Pelham, NH and Camp Wind in the Pines in Plymouth. We’re happy to go the extra mile — we just need an additional $5 to make it happen. Challenged by the Cavaliers singing Somewhere, Over The Rainbow in 1957, the corps responded with You’ll Never Walk Alone, and it has remained the official corps song to this day. Fans of the show can’t help but want to learn more and more about these heroic girls, especially since information can be so spread out. ” Non settling insurers contend that such language creates too much uncertainty regarding their rights and how much discretion is being given to the retired bankruptcy judge who would oversee the settlement trust. D Location of Meetings and Records. They can make summer nights or campouts super fun for the entire family.